Modules and Skids
Modules and Skids

NIPUNN has an edge as compared to other engineering companies in providing complete solutions under one roof for detail design and engineering of process modules and skids. Based on broad expertise in engineering, design and project management, NIPUNN takes full area engineering, procurement assistance, expediting till mechanical completion and commissioning of process & utility modules and skids including

  • Gas compression systems for re-injection, gas lift or gas export
  • Gas dehydration systems
  • Produced water treatment systems
  • Oil, gas and water separation and stabilization systems
  • Water injection systems
  • Chemical injection systems
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Methanol injection systems
  • Gas sweetening systems
  • Power generation
  • Flare Gas System
  • Gas scrubbing and inter-cooling
  • Sand handling and treatment systems
  • Utility systems
  • Stand-alone pressure vessels, pumps and instrumentation

NIPUNN has well qualified project managers to execute projects within cost, time and quality constraints as per project requirements. Most of our project managers are Project Management Professionals (PMP) certified.

NIPUNN provides management and execution according to comprehensive Project Execution Plans, focusing on lessons learnt from previously executed projects, to deliver cost-effective projects. This includes:
  • Experienced project management
  • Production and resource scheduling
  • Planned purchasing and comprehensive expediting
  • Ensure QHSE requirements internal as well as for the sub-vendors
  • Comprehensive project reporting
  • Logistics