NIPUNN has strong expertise in conducting engineering analysis and validation using a range of tools and methodologies to enable you to:

  • Test computer-aided simulated models for a range of parameters such as tolerance, fatigue, crash and impact, strength, heat transfer, etc.
  • Optimize product design to improve performance, increase life time, and reduce weight and cost
  • Avoid field failures by identifying and resolving structural and design flaws early on
  • Adopt alternative materials to improve quality, reduce cost of production, or increase the lifecycle of products.

Analysis performed in-house:

  • Structures, solids and mechanical parts (linear and non-linear FEM analyses)
  • Load-out, lifting, sea-fastening and deploying
  • Installation,¬†including splash zone calculations
  • Soft landing and damping
  • Trawler protection and dropped object (energy up-take)
  • Pipe stress analysis according to ASME, EN, DNV etc
  • Vessel calculations, pressure and atmospheric vessels according to ASME, EN, API etc
  • Pipe component and pressure vessel analysis
  • Tie-in analysis
  • HISC Analysis
  • Corrosion protection
  • Soil and foundations

Ansys, Abaqus, Caesar, VVD, MATHCAD, In house developed and validated programs