NIPUNN supports procurement, materials and engineering with innovative and efficient inspection services that are in compliance with purchase ordering, customer and company requirements. Our Inspection Services team provides value with effective inspection task planning, efficient testing and reporting methods, budgeting of resources to demand and providing assurance to customers that the product meets their requirements.

We organize, plan, execute, control and verify the quality of the work in accordance with customer requirements and the NIPUNN Management System and take action to identify, report, correct and prevent nonconformity.

NIPUNN offers the following vendor expediting/ QA services

  • Vendor inspection services
  • Vendor expediting services
  • Vendor inspection integrated with expediting services
  • Third party QA/ QS services
  • Project based quality assurance
  • Vendor audit and development
Whether you are a subsea company or an offshore facility, the quality of products delivered to you is of utmost importance. And then throughout any ongoing project, it is vital to manage and control quality, at every stage- say from procurement to construction through to commissioning. The quality assurance services offered by NIPUNN are more or less complementary to the QC already in place at vendor’s end. Our QA/ QS services will monitor and control every quality aspect of your project- from independent third party inspection at the purchasing stage, through to on-site quality monitoring during construction and testing stage.

NIPUNN provides the full time (resident based) or intermittent inspection services like final or in-process inspection. Similarly, for expediting services, desk expediting or field expediting services are the options, based on the criticality and rating of the vendor. Full time expediting services allows us to monitor all the production process, assure quality and ensure that the committed delivery dates are met.

NIPUNN has the resources and capability for vendor identification, recommendation and development, after due assessment and thorough evaluation of the vendor. We aid in the decision making to our clients, to make a choice on the vendor based on engineering logics.