At NIPUNN, the health and safety of our employees is utmost important to us because we believe that a safe and healthy workforce would build business success. NIPUNN commitment to the health, safety and well-being of all our employees and everyone affected by our undertakings, including contractors, visitors and neighbors is underpinned by the philosophy that no job is worth an injury and the belief that all injuries and work related diseases are preventable.

Each and every incident that occurred could have been prevented. So we continuously strive to achieve and maintain our target of zero accidents to personnel, material and non-material assets.

NIPUNN focus on employee health and on continuously improving the work environment.

NIPUNN conduct its operations through efficient use of materials and energy, with minimum waste and damage to the environment. NIPUNN design products and services to have no undue environmental impact, to be safe and to be efficient in consuming energy and natural resources. We seek to ensure that our products can be recycled or disposed of safely.