NIPUNN Engineering has competent and experienced workforce having worked in the design & engineering of various electrical and automation systems for Onshore/ Offshore engineering systems e.g. PCS, PSD, ESD, F&G systems and power management systems.ems)


  • System control diagrams
  • System block diagrams
  • Functional descriptions
  • Interlock diagrams
  • Cause & effect diagrams/ charts
  • Sequence diagrams
  • Loop drawings
  • System & sub-system P&ID
  • Equipment/instrument data sheets
  • Signal lists
  • I/O lists
  • Interconnection & wiring diagrams
  • Circuit & electrical schematics
  • Electrical indexes
  • JB and cable schedule
  • Layout for instrument/ JB/ cable trays for field & control room
  • Installation, mounting and hook up drawings
  • Sizing of relief valve/ control valve/ orifice plate