NIPUNN launches GIMS (Global Interface Management System)

NIPUNN Infotech (part of NIPUNN Engineering) is set to launch its first module of NIP-ERP.

GIMS focus to keep track of all interface information (internal and/or external) exchange between all parties on a EPCI project. Combining an abundance of features including project dashboard, Intelligent/Unique interface numbering, automatic email notifications, detailed interface history, bulk interface import, complete workflow is online, detailed interactive reports etc. will enable clients to identify issues with potential cost & schedule impact and will give the project a cost effective status assessment.

GIMS can be deployed as standalone tool on premises or as cloud base (SaaS). GIMS is a ready to use module that can be setup in 2 weeks. Along with many other features, GIMS reduce rework, change notices, and delays due to poorly controlled interface, minimize schedule impact by integrating work schedules, eliminates ambiguity regarding roles and responsibilities and ensures clear scope of work.

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